Five Guilty Pleasures, Plus 1

1. Wikipedia - The Mother of all pointless rabbit trails. I start off Googling something about important financial information and then somehow end up reading about Kim Kardashian's childhood.

2. The Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella - Hey, ok? I have read biographies on polical leaders, historic accounts of past events of the United States, and fascinating articles about everything from the life of Lucille Ball to the history of leper colonies in Molokai, Hawaii. But nothing beats the every day adventures of Becky Bloomwood. It was like Kinsella wrote about the British version of me.

3. Facebook and looking at other people's Facebook pages - need I say more?

4. The leftover pasta dinner I have for breakfast the next day...and then later for lunch. Then a late afternoon snack.

5. Aldo Shoes - Again, need I say more? I think I need to educate my husband about the importance of good footwear at each photo shoot. Preferrably, mid-length-military-laced-flat-boots type-footwear.

6. Jersey Shore - Don't judge me.

Happy Friday!