Allergies Make Her Breakdance

It's springtime and in our home, springtime means Benadryl and nose sprays in our house.

Boo to allergies. I don't get them as badly as Justin, my pops or my sisters, but I get them enough. Enough meaning the need to scratch and fuss at my itchy eyes has ruined a make up application or two in the past. Ohhhh, the problems of my world, I know.

Allergies are also very real to the littlest one in our household. At least us humans can properly rub at our eyes with our hands. This poor kid has to deal with the fact that her thumbs and fingers are non-existent. Ever see a dog breakdance? It's pretty cool. That's what Kona becomes when her allergies have turned her into a fluffy and watery-eyed mess - she can spin around on the carpet like no other just to get that hard-to-reach itch.

We're sooo talented in my house, it's freaking ridiculous.

Happy Friday!