A Wendy's Valentine

It's Valentine's/love/stuff-your-face-with-lotsa-heart-shaped-pink-candy-from-CVS-day. And though I'm not into the whole red roses being held by a fluffy, white, stuffed bear heck, I'll still celebrate if it's an excuse to eat Toblerone in the middle of the day.

Because of a little mishap in scheduling today, the hubs and I are going to Wendy's tonight for Valentine's Day dinner.

Yep. You read that right. Wendy's as in the "fast food joint run by a little red-haired girl in pigtails" Wendys.

When we were dating and wanted a quick snack, my now-husband and I would sometimes run to the local Wendy's for a baked potato or some chicken strips. It was far from anything fancy, but we both didn't mind because it gave us an excuse to hang out the way best friends do, enjoying each other's company, laughing and talking, as we carried our tray of piping hot baked potatoes and cups of ice water to our chosen table. We both sometimes joke that when we're old, we'd still like to be doing things like this on a random afternoon and I sure hope we do because nothing beats baked potato and chicken strips with your best friend.

Celebrate love everyday, folks. Happy Heart Day!