A Million Friend Defnitions

There are probably a bajillian, gazillion and one definitions out there as to what constitutes a true friend.

Google will keep your head spinning with all the information you can pull up on the characteristics of a BFF and Hallmark will make you cross-eyed with all the funny, laugh out loud reasons lining the shelves of the card aisle at your local Target. (ooooh, Target!!)

Case in point: I chatted with my good friend Stephanie the other night in the midst of my routine battle through California highway traffic. Catching up, how's work, the usual. It wasn't a very long conversation and I didn't really want to delve into the details of how I was just not happy with life at the moment. I was not in the mood to burden my woes onto someone else at the moment and had simply made the decision to sport a mask as it seemed like the better choice for this traffic-filled evening. We said our good byes and hung up. 

A minute later, my phone rings, only to have Stephanie on the other side again asking if everything was really ok, if there was anything she could pray for me about, and reminding me that I can talk to her about anything even if my day wasn't going well. I laughed a little, filled her in on the truth, and thanked her for caring enough to call back.

And that right there? That's my own definition of a true friend. 

Don't forget to take the time to not only ask your loved ones how life is, but to truly care enough to hear out their response. Believe me, even I'm reminded that it truly makes a huge difference.

Happy Wednesday!