To See Again

I used to think that being an artist somehow equated to sleek black outfits with equally sleek black rimmed glasses. And to top it off all my conversations had to have that vague/ vibe to it.

Eh. I don't look good in black-rimmed glasses.

I'm so glad that being an artist isn't at all about how you dress or speak, but more of the development of your eye. A teacher once said that photographer is all about learning how to see again. And when I first heard that I thought, "oh great I have to be artsy, sport black-rimmed glasses and  frequent museums every free moment I have? Museums are ok, but really, I can't stare at a painting too long before I just start to wonder where the snack bar is located."

But no, it turns out what he meant by "seeing" differently was just to take the time to see the photographic opportunities all around you. That the ordinary things that I easily walk on past can be forms of art if I take the time to examine and eagerly seek out lines, textures, colors, shadows...oh my! Yep, they are all around and it's amazing. Even in the ordinary.

I am a portrait photographer and my favorite subjects are people, but even this portrait photographer needs to practice "seeing" the art around me in order to get better at the work that I do. Hence, the ol' camera and me are going to be spending some quality time together and I am very excited.

I'm learning to see again and it's pretty amazing.

Happy Thursday!