It could be this new haircut and color I'm sporting,  (big ups to Salon Ethos for knowing just the right style a girl needs to start the new year off right!), it could be the excitement still spilling over from the fun of the Christmas celebration and time with family.

Whatever it is, I am loving how 2013 is looking like a year of possibilities, hope, dreaming, planning, praying and most of all, doing. Not only for Heartbox Photography, but for a lot of things personal as well. Another chance to love more, forgive bigger, trust more, make healthier choices, and push harder against fear not only for myself but for family, friends, and yeah, even the strangers. Because we all know how we women generally want world peace, right?

I hope you push some limits this year.  I hope it's a breakthrough year for you just as much as I wish it for myself.  If you said you wanted to start walking, running, eating a bit healthier, then go on and do it. I don't know you, but I sure know a lot of people who have taken amazing steps in the name of life and health. If you have always wanted to take that dance class, then dance away.  I have two left feet when it comes to any type of structured dance routines, but my husband and I are going to take a ballroom dancing class anyway. (eeek!!)

If you have always wanted to stare down fear in the face and work up some courage, even if it means a tiny step at a time, then take that tiny step at a time. Did I ever tell you that I used to be a real estate agent and most of my business as a rookie came from knocking on doors in the neighborhood asking each homeowner if they were planning on selling their house? True story. My sneakers must have logged in quite a bit of walking time those years.

And believe me, I'm saying it to myself as much as I am saying it to you. Yes, I get the jitters sometimes whenever I dare to dream and actually take action on making dreams a reality. Yes, I wonder a little too much about what others think and sometimes it paralyzes me. Yes, I worry at times about what the future will bring. Yes, I sometimes have a hard time loving and forgiving just like anyone else does. But on the flip side, yes I believe in perseverance and hope. Yes, I believe in possibility and second chances. And heck yes, I believe in breakthrough.

I love this photograph. I still remember how foggy, cold, and grey it was the day I took it. Yet the Empire State Building's light made it noticeable, the illumination cutting through the mist, tall and an awesome sight to behold amidst the busyness of the city's concrete below. And to think of all that the city of New York has been through in the past 10 years alone, it's more than appropriate to say that NYC has definitely got some spirit, some special fight in it, and like this photo, a little bit of light in it that still cuts through all the temporary grey.

Here's to breakthrough, yours and mine.

Happy Monday!