Toilet Paper Roll Santa

I'm not sure if it's the sparkle of the lights or the pine scent, but there sure is something magical about becoming mesmerized over the vision of a fully decorated Christmas tree. It takes me back to the days my sisters and I would sit around the Christmas tree with all the dining room lights off and nothing but the yellows, blues, greens, and reds of the tree's lights glowing in the darkness, the tunes of Alvin and the Chipmunks' Christmas cassette tape playing on the radio. With the occasional poke at the carefully wrapped presents under the tree (thank you, Santa/Dad), we'd sit for a long time staring at the tree, eagerly anticipating Christmas Day, presents, and fun with family. It was all very kid-like, a world of joy and innocence - made complete with Alvin wistfully singing how all he wanted for Christmas was his two front teeth.

Or, wait. Was it Theodore?

Anyway, this little reflection on Christmas trees got me a little curious about all the funny ways people decorate and create their own Christmas trees - and wow. This whole time I thought that a huge box of silver and gold tinsel and a Santa Claus made of an empty toilet paper roll (don't ask) made me the most creative when it came to Christmas trees. Once again, Google has proven me oh so wrong.

Check these out and Happy Tuesday!