A Belated Happy Birthday

I am terrible when it comes to remembering birthdays. I write them down on scraps of papers with every good intention to get it transferred to a trusty organizer or calendar, but of course that task soon gets forgotten before I make it home to my colored pens and calendar. Eh...I can already see a New Year's resolution on the horizon.

Speaking of birthdays, this very belated birthday shout out goes to my friend, Claire. When I first started building my portfolio, I asked Claire to be one of the models for a styled shoot collaboration with Salon Ethos and she willingly obliged. The day of the  shoot was overcast, drizzling, and of course, beyond freezing but never once did she grumble or complain. Considering that we started styling her at 7 AM, this makes her a trooper in my book.

Now that Heartbox Photography will be specializing in women's contemporary portraiture come 2013, I felt that it was more than appropriate to post up a photo from one of the very first women's portrait shoot I did.

Claire, thank you for your encouragement in my photography aspirations and for your willingness to help a friend. Cheers for girl power and November birthdays!

Happy Friday!