Vy. 2012. Photo Shoot.

I love, love, love the transformation and art of makeup. If I possessed even a fraction of the talent out there among many great stylists, I think I'd have a little more pep in my step with all the different looks I could create each day as I headed out to work or heck, even as I head out to Target on a Saturday. Because, really, who said there were rules on where a woman could look and feel fabulous? 

But even more so than makeup and hair, I love being able to collaborate with other stylists and help showcase a girl at her absolute best. A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to collaborate with Trang Le of A List Makeup. Our model, Vy, (who will soon be entering her college years and conquering the world in her own way, I'm sure!) graciously spent an afternoon with us as her hair and makeup were done and later photographed in an afternoon shoot. 

As I'd mentioned before, what I love about being able to photograph women of all ages and backgrounds is that it's a chance to not only celebrate diversity, but to celebrate the beauty of a woman overall. With each photograph I take and with upcoming photo shoots you will see later on, my hope is to communicate a bold message to the world and to women everywhere that she is worth celebrating simply because of who she is today

Vy, as a young woman, you have the potential to do great things and change this world. Thank you for taking the time to model for this shoot. And Trang, I hope you know that you are more than a makeup and hairstylist. You are an artist with a rare talent of being able to help a woman feel her absolute best, both inside and out. 

Rock on, you two. Rock on.

Because her beauty is timeless.

Happy Tuesday!