Yeast and Sugar

It's a fun and scary thing to actively pursue a dream in hopes to capture it and morph it into reality. Fun because all you see is possibility with each step taken towards fulfillment of that dream that, up until now, only existed in your mind. Scary because, obviously, with every great thing comes great challenges, obstacles, and perseverance-building moments.

Tonight is a start of an 11-week workshop I've signed up for with a long-time professional photographer in the Bay Area. "Long-time professional photographer" is code for the teacher knows what he's doing and will not be afraid to tell his students where they need to step up their game/go all Mr. Miyagi on you. There will be homework and yes, it's mandatory we show our work to not only the teacher, but EVERYBODY in the class. *gulp*

It has been a very long time since I have sat in the "student's seat" much less had an audience critique my photographs. And as scary as this is to me, something inside is also looking forward to the challenge - the opportunity to be vulnerable, take feedback that might not be all sugar coated and grow. You ever realize that the stuff that makes bread rise and grow like bread is yeast, not sugar? Well, I like to think of this class as yeast to my dream of being a photographer. Sugar-coated words and compliments to photos I've produced in the past are always nice and appreciated, but it's the hard questions, challenges and critiques that push me to be a better photographer and to grow.

High-five for yeast, you know what I mean?

Happy Tuesday!