Those Mondays

It was one of those Mondays.

You know the ones I'm talking about. The one filled with traffic jams, nothing good to listen to on the radio (no Cyndi Lauper ??!?) while you sat in the traffic jam, slept less than the ideal of 8 hours, endless calculating on spreadsheets, new shoes you thought looked cute but at the end of the day had your big toe screaming for mercy and a hug...yes, those Mondays.

Yet as I type this this evening, even after one of those Mondays, I am also filled with an anticipation for the new possibilities of tomorrow. I am slowly moving towards the type of photography I want to do and even more importantly than that, am moving towards it with less and less fear. I guess action does that for lessens the fear of the unknown, makes you want to take a few chances and be a little nuts for the sake of your dreams. It is very tempting to be the same photographer as everyone  else, a temptation that I constantly have to fight against both in my mind and when it comes to what type of photography I am passionate about in my heart.

A friend of mine once told me that she loved the fall season because it meant a change, a shedding of the old so that room could be made room for the new. It took me a while to really agree with this as I wasn't much of a fan for the fall season (I'm more of a summer gal and believes it should be 80 degrees year round), so this analogy didn't mean too much to me until now. Now that I am exploring new things in my photography, now that I am learning more about contemporary portrait photography, now that I am seeing how it can possibly tie into my love for fashion and for encouraging women, I am suddenly excited for the fall season and am moving towards making room for the new. More to come on the details for a few Fall Specials on portrait sessions being offered by Heartbox Photography, so stay tuned!

And even if it was one of THOSE Mondays....happy Monday, anyway!