Perfect Paintings

Before I even wanted to do photography professionally, before I was thinking about logos and marketing, ISO, aperture, Canon or Nikon, I was just a chic with little point and shoot camera taking pictures of anything and everything. I used to tuck my 3.0 megapixel Olympus into my purse and it went practically everywhere with me, becoming an almost permanent fixture in my hands during both international and domestic adventures.

The photo below was captured on a trip I took to the Mayan ruins in Mexico with my family. There was no editing done to this photograph at all - the water really was really that blue, the greens really that green. I remember standing there, inhaling the ocean air with a smile. The view atop the ruins was like a perfect painting in itself - a painting that an editing program would rob of scene's natural beauty.
I love photography for a million, bazillion reasons - but mostly for the simple reason that it helps me remember moments in life when I was surrounded by paintings of nature. Nature that is fully-colored with sheer perfection, beckoning even the most rushed "passerby" to slow down and enjoy it's grandeur.

Happy Wednesday!