Marizette Paperie

The best memories I had as a kid in kindergarten were definitely the ones associated with arts and crafts time. My love for color as well as my Type A personality revealed itself early on as revealed by the way I would carefully glue, stick & cut out every piece of detail required for the Christmas card I was making for my parents.  No really - macaroni shells, glitter, buttons, multi-colored pieces of construction paper, you name it, I was bent on adding every detail I could to make it the best card ever, worthy of the even Hallmark's attention. (Don't mind the glue drippings!)

Though my card-making career lasted only up until about 2nd grade (I moved on to science projects, The Baby-Sitters Club and Ramona Quimby), I still find myself drawn to the beautiful details of invitations, greeting cards, hand-crafted stationary and the like. Everytime I receive a wedding or baby shower invitation my fingers still graze the surface of the thick cardstock paper, marveling at the details that speak of the event's uniqueness and personality that make the event special in the first place.  

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to meet Marivic and Zuesette, the owners of Marizette Paperie, an invitation boutique based in San Jose, California. Their display of carefully crafted card and invitation work in their office was beyond beautiful and a teensy part of me wanted to ask if I can take the display home. You know. Just so I could stare at it in awe.

These ladies have garnered much attention for their work with customized wedding invitations, stationary creations, baby shower invites, etc. And if truth be told, had they been sitting next to me in  my kindergarten arts & crafts class, they both would have easily schooled me on the proper use of that macaroni and glitter to make the card a true work of art.

I love details and companies like Marizette Paperie who love the details, too.

Happy Monday!