Doggy Day Care

Whooo-hoooo! Justin comes home tonight after being away for a few days for work. It was a little sad to watch Kona Bean wander around the house aimlessly with one of her toys in her mouth and a look on her furry face that said it all: "Not funny, Mom. Where's Papa hiding and when are we gonna go out for a walk?"

Call me a crazy dog-owner, but because Justin was away and couldn't watch her while he worked from home, I made it a point to drop Kona off at doggy daycare (a.k.a. my parents' house) each morning on my way to work. Each morning, I packed a Ziploc of enough kibble to cover her for breakfast and dinner and yes, please don't forget her favorite yellow and red tennis ball for playtime. You know. For during recess. Duh.

I'm sure Kona Bean enjoyed her time with her momma, but I know that deep down inside her little canine heart, she's a daddy's girl. We pick him up from the airport in a few hours and I sure hope she doesn't give him the silent treatment for too long.

Happy Wednesday!