Tinkerbell Music for Pretzels

As I'd mentioned in Monday's post, it had been a bit of a rough past week. So much so that when my husband suggested we go get massages on Saturday, I readily agreed before he even finished his sentence. I was so happy to have an awaiting spa appointment you'd think he just suggested we eat Toblerone chocolate for breakfast. We don't get massages as often as we probably should and after this wonderful last visit, I am absolutely convinced spa appointments should be part of the household budget - like groceries and gas!

This would be my third visit to Watercorse Way Bathouse Spa -  it's simply fabulous and I highly recommend it. As soon as I walk in, I'm transported into a peaceful world of yummy sugar scrubs, soothing hot stones, vanilla scents, and all things calm and happy pappy. With a touch of flute-sounding music playing that I swear Tinkerbell herself is playing on the speakers. Really.

Between working out, sitting in front of a computer, hauling heavy camera gear at a recent wedding photoshoot, and yes, even prancing around in heels everyday, my muscles had somehow taken on the look and feel of a tightly knotted rope twisted like an Auntie Anne pretzel  - all sympotoms that called for massage therapy and Tinkerbell-like tunes.

My masseuse for the day, Babs, worked out all the kinks and it wasn't long before I felt like a relaxed noodle once again. So much so that when Babs woke me up and asked if I was feeling ok, I found myself answering her with a super intelligent sounding "Uuungggghhhh?"

If you are ever feeling a little too pretzel-like, definitely check out Watercorse Way Bathouse Spa. Between their choices of hot stones and sleep-inducing massages, you'll get back to feeling like a million bucks in no time - Tinkerbell music included.

Happy Wednesday!