She handles a full time job and plays the hard role of both mom and dad to her daughter, everyday, without fail. She is working towards a degree in criminal justice. Because she cares like that. As a kid, she was the generous and nice one and still to this day, her actions remind me to be a little more selfless.

She spends her days sharing her creativity with the world as a hair stylist She helps women see their beauty, inside and out. Because I'm a photographer and she's also a fellow creative she gets it when I sound a bit burbly trying to communicate what latest creative image or endeavor see in my head.- and she always thinks it's a great idea.

She became a nurse...while raising two kids. She is one of the most positive people I know, both in words and in her actions. I've decided that when I have kids, she's the nurse that I'm going to request to hold my hand through the delivery because no one in the medical field will be able to convince me that everything will be ok except for her.

She is fiercely loyal & straightforward, the kind of friend who will always challenge you to be honest with others and with yourself. This is why she's a great coach and great mentor for young girls in sports. If you have even one friend like her, keep them around, because in this world of masks and facades, we all need a reality check from someone who really cares.

She is like the female version of MacGyver. She can create something from nothing, ( f I give her a paperclip and a pen she'll create, like, a new pair of socks or something), can cook like no other, and is always willing to share. Watching her be a mom helps me to better understand my own. I'll be lucky if I have even have a fraction of her strength when I become a mom.

These are just some of the many, many faces of women in my family as well as friends I have been blessed to know. Some of them moms, some married, some single. Some students, some athletes, some artists, some office workers.

All of them, pillars of strength in their own way.
All of them, teaching me something about the best type of woman and person I want to be in this world.
All of them, living life fully with no excuses.

Happy Monday!