Pure Design Photoshoot. 2012.

Maybe it's because I'm a chic living in the midst of a world where self-worth and identity are constantly picked apart by the ideals of Hollywood. Maybe it's because I remember all too well what it was like to wander aimlessly through life looking for a solid identity of my own, a sense of wholeness to replace the mess of brokeness I carried around.
Whatever the reason is, I've always been drawn to causes and organizations whose goal and purpose was geared towards helping strengthen women.Whether intervening for domestic abuse victims or encouraging young women to use all their potential for great change in the world, I think makind a difference in the lives of women who need help is a great thing.

As I'd mentioned in a previous post, I had attended a fashion show called Pure Design a while back that was being held as a fundraiser for Transitions Global, an organization that provides aftercare programs for young girls rescued from sex trafficking. What caught my attention the most about this particular fundraiser was that it was comprised of a group of designers who took scraps of old table clothes, neckties, t-shirts (basically anything that would otherwise be perceived as useless trash) and used every single piece to create these beautiful designs of dresses, blouses - you name it, they made it. 

Their mission besides raising funds? To tell the world that God can take anything broken and make something beautful out of it, even after the world perceives it as useless. With young girls who are survivors of human trafficking, it takes so much to restore their stolen identity, but with the help of various organizations around the world like Transitions Global, it's being made possible.

Thank you to Kalani Germono of Kalani Style and Jenn Van Gundy for taking your creative talents and using them in the fight against human trafficking and the exploitation of women. To team up with both you and your models for this photoshoot was an honor.

Happy Tuesday!

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