Being You-nique

I think the hardest thing about being a photographer and making a successful business out of it isn't learning about all the buttons and functionalities of your camera. (Though it might be important to know which way the battery goes in.)

It isn't making a prettier picture than photographer A, B, C, he or she or they. And, I'll even venture to say, it isn't knowing all the Photoshop tools that somehow made your subject looked like they were relaxing on a pristine beach in Hawaii when in reality the photo was taken when the subject was hanging out near their backyard kiddie pool. Plastic rubber ducky in the background and all.

From my perspective, I think the hardest thing I've experienced so far about being a photographer and building a business out of it is being myself.

What do I mean by that?

I mean as in being comfortable enough to freely express to the world that my photography brand is built on a love for colors, fashion, and music. Being comfortable to openly showcase that the heart and soul of the photographer behind Heartbox Photography loves Italian and Japanese food, Toblerone chocolate, and at one time sported an embarrassing Bruce Lee-like haircut at 5 years old. That I continue to laugh a little too long (and, according to my husband, a little too loudly) long after the punch line has been told.

Being comfortable enough to say that I struggle as well as dream big. That I've failed, but I've also succeeded. That I love Canon prime lenses, natural lighting, and portrait photography. That I geek out at beautifully organized and color coded file folders.That deep down in my heart, I hope my call in life is to not only make a living from doing this, but that along the way my photography will also touch people and make a meaningful impact on this world. And that yes, indeed, I do struggle with a fear of failure.

I like to learn from others who have been in this business a long time and possess an immense amount of awesome talent. I like to try different things that will help move my photography business forward. And of course, I like learning different technical skills that will help improve how I use my photography tools. But even in the midst of all of this learning, I'm also being reminded to be unafraid to be "you-nique" in not only how I photograph, but also in the brand/image I establish, and the road I take to make it successfully.  I'm learning that this is tremendously, if not even more, important than trying to emulate how photographer A or B shoots, how they build their brand or how they market themselves or the paths they took to succeed.

I see the world differently. And I hope, that with every photoshoot and every decision I make that builds my brand and business, I showcase that "you-niqueness" in it's best light to the world.

If you're lucky enough to be different, don't ever change. - Taylor Swift

Happy Tuesday!