Throwback Thursdays

I love studying photographs of famous people, both past and present. Their poses, their facial expressions, the lighting, what they were thinking in that exact moment a lucky photographer captured their essence in a photo. 

I think that when an artist has truly made an impact on the world through the sharing of their talents and unique ability in music, entertainment, or fashion, the end result is always the same - a generation forever changed and influenced because of their work.

If given the chance to rewind time, just for a moment, what celebrities would I have jumped at the chance to photograph? There's a lot, but the biggies for me? Well...
Lucy for her echanting smile and fiery red hair that made her the queen of comedy in an era when women were not known for that.

Ray Charles, for the way his lack of sight still powerfully enabled the rest of us to see joy in music with each strike of the piano keys his hands danced across.

Amy Winehouse for her vintage, eccentric sense of style and captivating voice that was all her own and no one else's.

And yes, Audrey, too.

For the way she influence the world of fashion with a grace and simplicity so long ago that still resonates through the trends of today.

To have been able to capture these people on camera? Oh, I would have died and gone to photographer heaven.

Here's to artists who've gone before us and influence the artists of today.

Happy Thursday!