Our Up Years

I love looking at wedding photographs.

Yes, for looking at the details of her beautiful wedding dress and accessories. Yes, for the details of his crinkled smile at her as she walked down the aisle with her dad or the way their crazy family and friends were frozen in a moment of sheer joy at the reception. And yes, even for laughing at the photo captured of Uncle Bob who wore white socks with black dress shoes and did the moonwalk on the dance floor like it was nobody's business.

But even more than wedding photographs, the other type of photos I enjoy look like this:

The movie Up was the first movie my husband, Justin, and I watched together as a married couple. Yes, I bawled like a baby. (But for the record, so did Justin!)

And after watching it, I realized that while I'll always love to look at my own wedding photos that froze  a moment of our youth, I'll love even more the photos captured of us later on in life, when we're old, grey, and sporting the uber-cool fragrance of Eau de Toilette Icy Hot or Bengay.

Yes...I do indeed look forward to our Up Years.