Jelly Bean Skies

I was going to start off this post with something profound and thought-provoking, the kind of statement that makes even Dr. Phil or Oprah go "oooooh"and the audience "ahhh".

Ummmm, then I realized profound and thought-provoking isn't in the cards for me today as it's one of those days that my brain has been, as I once heard a comedian say, in "screen-saver mode." But I guess that's normal as we all have super exciting/it's raining-my-favorite-flavored-jelly-beans-days  and other  is-it-Friday-yet?!? type of days. Let's be real...... an early morning workout at 5:30 a.m. has got me grumbling just a little bit.

Anyhoo!! This past weekend, I had the opportunity to do a different kind of photoshoot, one that involved more of a focus on the clothing of the models. Last summer, my husband, Justin, had the opportunity play music (he's a drummer), for a fashion show being held at a local church to raise funds and awareness for Transitions Global, an organization that is involved in rescuing victims of human trafficking. 

What stood out to me about the array of clothing designs modeled was that they were all, literally, created from scraps of old t-shirts, table cloths (no joke!), old neckties,  you name it! Each of these "scraps" were fashioned into some of the most beautiful and unique creations I've ever seen. The message of it all was how God can take anything that seemed damaged, cast-aside, used, and un-wanted and fashion something beautifully unexpected out of it. Being both a self-proclaimed I-can't-sew-a-button-on-type of person as well as an advocate for empowering and restoring women who have been damaged and hurt, I think it's an understatement to say that I was speechless watching this fashion show and listening to all of the speeches by the organization. Pretty awesome stuff!

There's more to come but here's a little sneak preview to what I'm talking about. 

Happy Tuesday!