All Over Again

Not too long ago, I had dinner with a few of my old co-workers, all female. Now, you can imagine that the dinner conversation covered everything from the usual squeals of excitement from not having seen each other in so long to the usual "where are you working/career/what are you doing now/oooh, girl, I love your hair!"

And of course, the topic of kids came up. Only one of my former colleagues has children (two of them) and so of course, the conversation veered off into the questions of motherhood, balancing work and life, and of course, oh-em-gee, did it hurt giving birth?!?! etc.

But the thing that stood out most to me from that whole conversation on kids that night? When my co-worker smiled and said "I dunno. When a kid is born, it's like you're staring into the eyes of a brand new person you're gonna get to know. It's hard to describe, but you kinda fall in love all over again. And I think that's why people continue to have babies."

Congratulations to Sarah and Daniel and to your new addition, Emma Grace.

And here's to falling in love all over again.

Happy Thursday!