Rodriguez Kids

Remember those days when it was ok to make a cray cray face (the crossed eyes, sticking your tongue out mixed in with a little bit of cartoon-character-type giggles) at a passing stranger and they actually thought it was the cutest thing they'd ever seen?

Or the days when just because a kid in your class ate Elmer's paste, it didn't necessarily mean you were among the loonies of the world but simply hangin' with your best homies in class? 

Or how about those days when you felt like were big pimpin' because you were sportin' the latest in Big Bird or Sesame Street wear with a super side ponytail to match?

Here's to the days of bein' a kid again along with a sneak preview of the latest photoshoot with the Rodriguez kids.....Benito, Izek, and Naiya.

More to come to stay tuned....and while you're waiting, feel free to go on and rock that Big Bird sweater like it's nobody's business!