The Spinach Monster, Kona Bean

I used to think dog owners were a little weird. How could someone love their pet so much they'd dress them up in pumpkin costumes for Halloween, talk WHOLE conversations with them, or sneak a French fry to them when no one was looking? happened.

When I started talking about my day at work to our own little furry monster, started wondering how she'd look dressed up as a stick of gum for Halloween (oooh, THAT would be cool!), and started sneaking spinach leaves (yes, spinach leaves!) to her more often that I probably should, it became clear to me that I became a proud member of the Weird Dog Owner Club. Yo, where my dogs at?!

Kona Bean recently had her yearly physical  at the vet and everything checked out well except for the fact that she was 2 pounds overweight (whaaaa?). She's got a bit of junk in her trunk and so we've had to lessen how much we feed her every day, which is fine.

But....the vet didn't say anything about spinach....=)

Happy Thursday!