Two-Stepping Into A Weekend

I think I may have mentioned this a million times before, but in addition to photography, I loooooove music.
Loooove. Like, all kinds, too. Happy dancing while making that face (you know, the FACE that shows you're having a concert in your head) is the best.

My husband has a musician's background and so pretty we much we make our dog, Kona Bean, Roger Rabbit/Cabbage Patch/waltz/two-step with us whenever iTunes is blaring the latest R&B, the classics of Etta James, the island jams that beckon us to visit Hawaii again, the 70's jams that make me want to rock bell-bottoms, or the latest hip hop that reminds us that we're still cool and gangsta like that even if we go to sleep by 9 PM.

Our home is filled with music, two young-at-heart adults, and a dog that has no choice but try and two step with her Momma and Daddy. It's awesome.

And I don't know if this post will make me seem like a screaming teenager at an NSync concert (oh well, there goes my cool cover), but when I heard how Bruno Mars did this rendition of his hit "Just The Way You Are", I almost started Roger Rabbit-ing and two-stepping in front of my computer.

I love the ol' school vibe Bruno infused in this version and hope it makes you wanna dance your way into an awesome weekend.

Happy Friday!