Half Homer Simpson, Half Bear

Rain and gloomy weather tend to bring out my inner bear-like tendencies. (Minus the fur and back-scratching against a tree.) The tendency to want to hibernate. The tendency to want to snack away at whatever's around me. (salt and vinegar chips with a jar of Nutella, anyone?) The tendency to move a bit slower than usual when I'm foraging for those snacks.

My inner-bear started to protrude it's true colors as I sloshed through the rain last night and made my way to a local restaurant to meet up with some former co-workers for dinner. While waiting in my car, watching every single raindrop do a dance on the windows of my car, I longed for the warmth of my pajamas and socks at home and all the fun snacks in the cupboards waiting to be discovered. Don't get me wrong. I love me some dinner and spending time with friends, but remember people, it was raining and rain = hibernating bear in my world. So truth be told, I was struggling to feel alert and peppy as I waited for just the right moment to finally go into the restaurant and enjoy an evening with old friends.

I waited at a table and chatted on my cell phone with my husband (so of course to look cool and pre-occupied) while I waited.

And waited.

And waited. (The cool act lasts about 10 minutes, FYI)

Finally, in a moment of Spazzoid, I asked my husband to check my little calendar/weekly planner/Type A scheduling book at home and confirm with me that tonight was the night of the long awaited dinner, right? RIGHT?!?!


"Babe, I'm not joking. The dinner's tomorrow night. You might want to come home now."

FOR REALZ?!?! I half-laughed/half groaned/half wanted to smack my forehead in all Homer Simpson-style at the mistake I'd made. Upon hearing this, I dropped the cool act like a hot plate and hightailed home.

I know things happen for a reason, even the little things like having a scheduling mishap like I did. And this time around, I think this happened just because God wanted this little bear to laugh a little...even in the rain.