Coffeehouse Chatter

BFFs! KIT forever!

These acronyms were generously scattered in multiple pen colors across old pages of yearbooks both in high school, junior high, as well as hastily scrawled in notes passed between friends during classes and lunch periods. The memory if it made me smile as I recall the days where actually writing a note to someone (and delivering it in PERSON...whaaaat??) versus typing out an email, was the everyday norm.

And maybe I'm getting old or somethng (no, I'm SOO not telling you how many white hairs I've counted on my head) but the meaning behind "best friends forever" or "keep in touch" has much more meaning and weight to it than it did when I was one of those students who'd hastily scrawl these acronyms across any note I passed or yearbook page I signed before the floodgates of summer break opened up.

The other night I gathered with a few old friends at a coffee shop we used to meet at regularly on Wednesdays. And there was something a little heart moving, a little nostalgic, and yes, a little emo for me as I observed everyone laughing and talking as we had done so many years before every Wednesday night, the only difference being that there were a few more extra chairs needed for the little babies that joined us. Time had passed and changed us, and yet nothing changed at all, if that makes any sense.  The chatter that kept battling the sound of coffee machines grinding were the same, the laughter were still the same. The familiar smell of coffee and of food from the Filipino restaraunt next door owned our noses for the next few hours. It was within these group of friends did I meet my future husband, so needless to say, these folks will always hold a special place in my heart. And though not everyone whom I've been fortunate enough to call friend was present there that evening, it still reminded me to never get tired of investing in friendships and sharing life with people. It made me thankful for friends who were there for the long haul and not just for a season. It reminded me that, truly, investing in people yielded so much more than investing in things.

A long time ago I used to want to try living in different places. To travel internationally and not be rooted to one place. And yes, I did get to travel. Yes, I left friends and family behind to try life somewhere else. But you know what? I'm thankful these experiences still led me back home...a home filled with lifelong friends, coffeehouse chatter, and the smell of Filipino food doing a happy dance in the air on a random Wednesday night.