Bunion Prevention and Leaving the Security Blanket Behind

Saturday went something like this:

"Do you want me to go with you?" my husband asked.

"Ehmm, er, no, but you know. If you want. No wait, I shouldn't be afraid and just go. Uggggh, why am I scared? No, I'll go. I can go by myself. Yeah. I can. I think.....um." Anyone who heard my answer would think I was hearing voices in my head and trying to answer them all at once.

This weekend, I was given the opportunity to be a 3rd shooter for a local photographer, Ananda at Bliss Fotography. It was exciting and at the same time nerve wracking as I prepared my camera gear, printed directions, and tried to figure out which pair of flats would work for this 7 hour shoot and wouldn't threaten bunions down the road.

I was so terrified I almost took my husband up on his offer to just sit in the car or hang out at the other vineyards and drink wine to pass the time while I went and helped shoot this wedding. But of course, I knew I had to face my fear and go in by myself. Like a grown-up. Or at the very least, a big kid without the security blanket. (Plus, the idea of having my poor husband totally hammered  from wine and bored at the end of the night didn't appeal too much to me either)

As with most things I get so worked up about.....everything turned out just fine. Ananda and her second shooter, Shereen were incredibly gracious as I followed them around just listening and watching how they interacted with the clients and handle various lighting situations. It was a great learning exprience and I am incredibly thankful.