Bad Cheese & A Subject's Heart

If something is really funny, I laugh. Loudly. And sometimes, my laugh gets my face all weird looking so much that I'm POSITIVE people around me can see my cavity fillings or at the very least, what I had for lunch stuck in my back teeth. It's in that moment that I suddenly get really self-conscious and try to unsuccessfully reel back all evidence of dork/nerd that's already escaped me.

This past weekend my husband and I set off to meet up with our good friends, Noli and Noemi for a photoshoot in their neighborhood. As I'd mentioned in this post, it's guaranteed that most of our time with them is going to be spent laughing becuase this couple has got a sense of humor like no other. And that dorky laugh of mine? Yeah, it does some serious overtime when we hang with these two.

However, I had a bit of a panic attack (internally, of course, so as not to blow my cool cover) on the way to the shoot location with our friends because I started wondering how was I going to capture serious photos of these two when all we do was laugh at, like EVERYTHING?! Ever try to smile on the outside and mask panic attack you're having on the inside? It's kinda like you ate bad cheese but wanna reassure everyone around you it tastes fine. No, really, it's fine, guys!

When our friends casually mentioned in the car that they don't take serious photos, my husband's response helped me get a grip.

"It's ok, guys, because it will allow her to capture who you guys realy are on camera."

That comment right there? It reminded me to quit stressin' because it'll be fine and it'll be fun. (And it was!!) More importantly, it was another reminder to me about what makes a great photo-- capturing the essence of a subject's heart and all that they are as a person on camera.

And the heart of this couple? It's all laughter and love. 

As it should be.

More to stay tuned!