Ipanema...and Going to Work

For the past few days, my ear buds and car speakers have been happily blasting the tunes from Amy Winehouse’s “Lioness Hidden Treasures”. And yes, I do think I can sing (don’t we all??), so of course I was singing every chance I got on my commute to work with this newfound CD.  Amy did a lovely rendition of the old bossa nova song “The Girl from Ipanema” and upon listening to it for the millionth time, I got a little curious about this timeless classic and Googled how the song came about its popularity.
According to my trusty resources (what’s up Professor Wik E. Pedia!), “The Girl from Ipanema” was written about an actual girl who lived in the Ipanema district of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, who would stroll past a café everyday. I read that and thought “Heeey, that’s kinda interesting and cool to have a song written about you just because you passed by a café everyday and someone noticed!”
Well, how about a song about “The Girl that Went to Work One Day When There Was No Work?” Cuz that would be a song about me.
Yes. You read that right. I done did that.
Got up early on Monday after the Christmas break, got ready for work, drove all the way to work and realized as soon as I got into the building that there was something definitely off.  No greeting from the receptionist (MAYBE BECAUSE THERE WAS NO RECEPTIONIST, YOU NERD!), no buzz of people in the building. Just me and the sound of my high heels click-clacking and echoing against that marble floor.
Needless to say, my “I’m-awake-and-ready-for-the-New-Year-Cheesey-Grin” drooped just a bit as I soon realized I made a huge boo-boo in remembering we had the day after New Year’s off from work.
After I click-clacked my way hurriedly back to my car (before anyone saw me in my moment of I’m Super Smart), I suddenly realized this extra day off of work gave me an opportunity to tweak my website and finalize other details for the roll out of my photography business. In the end, it all worked out just dandy. I basically got a day to work on taking a few more steps in my plan towards my photography business, this huge dream I’ve been chipping away at.   
On second thought, maybe a cool song can be written about me, too!
Nerdiness and all, I wouldn’t mind being known as The Girl Who Dreamed Big…..And Went To Work.