Inspiration...and baby Mikey's toes.

I couldn't wait to get home after the gym. To burst through the door, kiss my husband and baby puppy, and grab my little notebook to scribble away.

Ideas, that is. Scribble down a flood of ideas that came to me literally as I was on a drive to my local gym. I ran up the stairs feeling my pulse quicken as I got closer to the door of our little home. I just had to get these ideas on paper before they decide to up and run away before I could harness them down to something that made sense. It's funny what a little inspiration can do.

This all started because, on the drive home, a song came blasting through my speakers in hopes to motivate me for a much needed workout tonight. (I felt a little oinky knowing I downed three slices of pizza at work...happily, too.)

I thought the music would, at the very least, provide the "Rocky can workout like crazy-type motivation", and in the end it gave me so much more. Out of that little CD and a crank up of the volume button on my car's player,  I am ecstatic to say that a new photo project idea is now birthed and I anticipate it coming to fruition by early next year. Though I can't say much about it right now, I'm just all kindsa happy because it's yet another opportunity to push myself in my photography. And well, because inspiration just makes me happy. Know what I mean?

And because a blog entry is so much more fun with a photo, here is one of my favorite photo from this weekend's photoshoot with baby Mikey. Don't you just love those toes?!?

The write up and more photos are to come, so stay tuned!