The Hardy Har-Hars with Hubby

The hubby is seriously the funniest person I know. I think that’s why I married my face could hurt forever from laughing at all his hecka cur-ay-zay funny and not-so-funny-but-it was-a-good-try-let-me-attempt-to laugh- jokes. Even his everyday comments are funny. I keep telling him I need to write a book with all his sayings and haha-isms. His latest? He bought me MAC eyeshadow for Christmas. I bought blush just yesterday.

Hubby: “How is that any different than the stuff I bought you for Christmas?”
Me: “Um, babe, it’s blush. It goes on your cheeks. You bought me eyeshadow. That stuff goes on your eyes.”
Hubby: “Oh. Well, how the heck would I know it all looks like the same powdery stuff to me.”

And that is one of his many man-infused comments. He is quite witty, yes he is.