No Regrets

It was a normal day at work. Busy, good type of busy. I think I may have written about my co-worker in prior blog postings, but if I haven't, I probably should do that a little here before going off on a story that makes absolutely no sense.

One of my colleagues, a fundraiser I am an assistant to, is in the stages of cancer that apparently is the "bad" stage. Stage 4, mestastisie? I'm probably not spelling that right, but basically, as I was told, it's the stage in which any treatment that's given at this level is primarily done to contain it. Meaning, it's spread in a really bad way.

I don't know much about cancer. Thankfully, I don't have any close family or friends that have gone through it. But for some reason, upon hearing the transalation of medical terms that would explain where my colleague's health stood in her fight against this disease, all I was aware of at that moment was a sinking feeling in my gut that said this wasn't good news.

It's been said before that the prayer of faith can heal. And I believe that it has and still believe that it can. But in all honesty, this morning all I thought was "You can't be serious. Is my co-worker going to die? Do I really know someone that could be gone next year?" The idea seemed unreal.

Later on in the day another colleague of mine commented on how there are certain things that you could never regret. And a part of my mind started to think about the saying "Don't do anything you'll regret". What about flipping or twisting it around to instead say "Do everything that you won't regret."

"Do everything that you won't regret." I wonder if this thought is running through the mind of my co worker who is going through her cancer treatments. Someone made the observation that when you're time is suddenly limited, your "to-do" list is shorter. I'd imagine it is very much tied into the concept of doing everything and anything that you won't regret, and doing it today, not as a task for tomorrow.

I wonder if I look at life in such a way that sounds as cautious as "don't do anything you'll regret" or in a way that seems to give you the right kind of joyful freedom--Do EVERYTHING today that you won't regret. My co-worker's situation was a stark reminder to me that I don't often remind myself enough of that very concept.

Do EVERYTHING and anything today that you won't regret.