I like photography.
I'm just an amateur with a hobby, but love the sound of the camera's shutter, no less. It's like a song of some sort, the clicking away of a camera's shutter as it's lenses and mechanical intricacies attempts to capture a message from the scene around me.

Colors, accents, observing the paints and color streaks of God's handiwork in people, places, nature, down to the simplest of detail, anything aesthetically pleasing--I'm so there.
I love how God is Almighty, too big for me to understand. It's tough following the steps and ways Jesus. It's tough trying to live beyond a label of religion and really dig deep to the point of confusion at times. It's tough loving and accepting people around me that I don't agree with or get along with. It's even harder being reminded that on the flip side, God loves me even if He doesn't agree with the things I do and say, too, at times.
IMG_0812 copy
I like the art of words. I sometimes wish my pen would move as fast as my thoughts across a canvas of paper. (Typing helps somewhat to fulfill that wish.) Love how the perfect blending of each letter and sentence intertwined have the power to communicate into the hardest of hearts. How the blending of words can also have the power to construct & piece back together in a person what cutting words of the world have tugged apart. It's no small wonder that the Bible clearly says "The tongue has the power of life and death..." (Proverbs 18:21)
It's amazing how a properly constructed group of letters, glued together with God's great and Holy Spirit can build back meaning into a soul that has known nothing but the meaningless.
I believe that God is an artist, the best one. He is an artist of words as well as of the things that visually captivates His creation. I wonder sometimes what He thinks when He watches each of us experiment, get curious about something, make something, add to something, even try and try again.
I wonder if God feels the same type of feeling that I see in my sister's eyes when she observes my niece's small hands write out the letters of her name or draw out the lines and details of a new picture she will proudly present to her mommy.