Target Socks and Winter-themes

Tell me something about YOU before I get carried away...many of you already know I’m a contemporary glamour and portrait photographer who posts stories about the incredible women I am blessed to have as clients.

But every now and again I like to toss up a post that tells you some things about me you probably didn’t know. And since it’s properly winter outside, this posts theme will be entirely cold-weather related.


I have a love/hate relationship with winter weather. (as in LOVE the Christmas season, the reason to eat cookies and copious amounts of cheese and chocolate treats…but, hate that it’s 50 degrees outside and tugs at my inner, hibernating bear-like ways). Rawr.

Heartbox Photography.JPG

I always crave warm soups of all kinds to to warm my soul, especially soups that contain noodles , aka CARBS.

This winter, I’m really into fleece-lined socks with penguins and animal prints on them. (HELLO, TARGET!!!)

My fave thing to do on a chilly morning is SLEEP. Surprise, surprise.

And…I love nothing more than to curl up with my fleece-lined, penguin-print socks and pajamas with a good book in the evening.

Happy New Year and happy winter, everyone!