She Is

She is a woman.

She has dark hair, she has light hair, she has mixed hair.

She's a mom, she's a mother's helper, she's an aunt, she's a grandmother, she's a great grandmother, she's a sister, she's someone's confidant, someone or several people's best friend.

She's the CEO, she's the homemaker, she's the entrepreneur, she's a student. 

She's the writer, the adventurer, the doctor, the techie, the gardener, the teacher, the assistant.

She wears her hair curly, she wears it straight, she cuts it to a pixie, she let's it cascade down her back.

She's from the United States, she's from Europe, she's from Africa, she's from Asia, and so many other places in between. 

She's a leader and she also serves. 

She is not one category - she instead is forever creating new ones.

She is a woman. 

#diversityisbeautiful #celebratewomen

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