Behind the Scenes

"Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back."

-author unknown

behind-the-scenes-Heartbox-Photography. Copyright 2018. All rights reserved..jpg

I remember the excitement of finding my niche in photography. Before this decision, it was not unusual to feel like I "had" to do what I saw other photographers doing - weddings, corporate headshots, baby photography, etc. While there was nothing inherently wrong with any of these categories of photography, I simply wanted to create something more. Something that involved my love for fashion and my love for creating a styled shoot for the real woman  -  showing them a side of their own unique beauty they may have never seen or believed they had before. The way their eyes light up when they see their images is priceless and brings a smile to my own heart for being able to create that for them. 

Behind the scene images are just as fun to look at as the final images that come out of a shoot. It tells the fun story of the entire creative process, and I love how stylists have that same look of concentrated effort that I get as a photographer when finalizing all the tiny details to perfection.  I came across these old photographs that show the behind-the-scenes action of my first styled photo shoots years ago when I decided that women's portrait photography was where I was going to focus on. These photos still make me smile because the very first stylist I worked with was none other than my own sister. She's a whizkid at hair styling, while I can barely get my hair in a bun. I still remember planning details with her, reviewing images of ideas for hairstyles, even sharing in the same nervous feelings on the day of the shoots because it was the first time both of us were trying this out! (I even remember her staring at the clouds looming in the sky during a shoot and whispering to me "You sure we have enough light?!?" My hands were clammy, armpits were sweating (you're welcome), I was already scared we weren't going to be able to pull it off, but.....I just lied and said  we were fine (#BigSisterOfTheYear), ran with it, and ended up creating some of the very first images that launched Heartbox Photography. It was a proud moment of creativity and teamwork. :)

Since those first photo shoots years ago, I have had the privilege to work with many other talented hair and makeup artists who were not only beyond amazing at their craft, but operated with the same high-level professionalism. These stylists and the way they have taken great care of each of my clients is something I am beyond grateful for because it has helped propel forward the vision I have for Heartbox Photography. Simply put, I can not do it without them. It makes me even more proud that the people I have teamed up with are other women who are also doing what they love as they create and serve others.  More behind-the-scenes video clips and images of these women hard at work are going to be shared soon, so stay tuned!