What is #existinphotographs? Why?


What is it and why? 

It's a movement that says you are good enough today to celebrate who you are in beautiful portraits.

It is a statement that says the faster that life moves, the more intentional we need to be to slow them down and to have something to hold 30, 40, 50 years from now that remind you where you were and just how far you've come - every year of your life.

It is a proclamation that regardless of how you feel about your age, your body type, even the season of life you are in, you are always beautiful enough to be captured in timeless photographs that reflect back to you a woman who looks like she stepped out of a magazine.

And that woman is YOU. 

It is the reminder that says those moments are also meant to be experienced with your best girlfriends, your sisters, your daughter, your mother, your grandmother - so why not bring them along to capture a beautiful images together that celebrates generations of the women in your family?

Exist in photographs.

To remember yesterday...

to celebrate today....

...and to look forward with joy for what is yet to come.