Joy is in the grand things....but also in a bowl of beef chow fun.

When 2017 rolled around, I, like many others, wrote down goals, hopes, and dreams to celebrate the fresh start, the new beginning, the clean slate. This list, of course, had the usual exercise/fitness goals, business aspirations, etc., but this time around, unlike other past goals/hopes/dreams lists and resolutions, I also wanted to be intentional about finding those things to be thankful for - the tidbits of joy that I know are present around me, no matter if I recognize or acknowledge them. It could be a financial goal hit, yes, but just as importantly, it could be in the fact that I got to enjoy some McDonald's french fries. (Because who doesn't experience some joy in some MCD french fries??!!?)

I recently was told by a friend that you will always find what you are looking for, be it bad or good. This could apply to situations, life, even relationships with people. So yeah, in this case, I figured that it wouldn't hurt to be more intentional about documenting the tidbits of joy or things I could be thankful for at the end of each day. I recently flipped open my journal entry from a few days ago and this is what I found:

Today I am thankful for:

  • beef chow fun
  • working from home
  • reminders from Scripture to love like Christ did
  • an easy day
  • opportunities to network
  • repaired glasses
  • a new journal
  • warm pajamas
  • a clean kitchen sink
  • blogs about time of the month woes (can I get an amen, ladies?)
  • early bedtimes
  • smooth writing pens
  • new days and new chances
  • banana chocolate smoothies
  • Krazy glue

I think too often that I have the type of personality that gets caught up in the obsession with achieving the bigger goals or the bigger, more dramatic and grandeur seasons of life that I forget to enjoy the little bits along of the way. Things to be thankful for and pockets of joy are in crazy abundance all around and without a doubt my favorite thing about 2017 so far is being able to recognize them. 

Happy Wednesday!