Life, Hope, and Beauty


"Cause I've been waiting my turn
Pressure's on
Now your heart is beating
To the sound of my name,
Come on out and find me..."

-Christina Grimmie

As I sit here staring at a blank screen, the haunting and beautiful voice of Christina Grimmie flows in soulful melody through the speakers. I couldn't really think of much to really say except that this weekend's tragic events in Florida occupy the space of my thoughts. Though far in distance, I find that as I get older, these events don't seem so far anymore and the people? Not strangers, but fellow humans that I wish did not have to suffer through this. 

It's often said that though artists have various mediums, various channels by which to express their art, we can still glean inspiration from each other. The potter to the dancer, the sketch artist to the musician, the painter to the photographer. It's quite beautiful actually, this connection. 

I first came across Christina Grimmie's music when I was looking up various performances by the incredibly talented dancers, Keone and Mari Madrid. Maybe it's the loss-for-words, graceful movement, maybe it's the heart and soul of Christina's voice, maybe it's the beautiful notes of every key struck on the piano. Her song, "Find Me" immediately pulled at my heart in for a listen. Whatever it is, the joining of these artists produced something beautiful and worth sharing. Maybe, in the wake of all of these tragedies, it's tiny glimmer of a reminder that there's still beauty, there's still life, there's still hope.