I Remember

I remember what it was like to pull oranges out of my kitchen fruit bowl and perfectly arrange them on an placemat because I liked the blend of the colors and loved the composition.

I remember wandering the streets of Berkeley being captivated by the intricate colors of a wildly beautiful mural, stopping just long enough to force my camera lens through the wrought iron fence to get the picture I wanted.

I remember the day we ate at San Francisco's Pier 39 and the feeling of excitement in making all the crayons balance perfectly on the paper children's menu, just long enough for me to click the button on my camera before they tumbled down. 

I remember wandering through San Francisco's Chinatown, seeing the ordinary green stalks of vegetables come to life as amazing patterns and blend of color. 

I remember feeling incredibly embarrassed making my way up to be directly up at the front of the singer. But I also remember how thrilling it was to know that it resulted in a black and white photograph I was proud to share.

I remember trying to keep my friend's son still for the camera, only for him to end up moving and creating a better photo than the one I was originally anticipating.

And most of all, I remember how fun it is to learn, to experiment, to be unsure, to create and to ultimately share with you a few reflections of my creative journey.